Jimmy Choo: Dylan Biker Boot

My poor readers, you are going to read this and then probably think I have some sort of problem. Another pair of Choos to share? Yes! But I really can’t help it, they are pretty, and I am obsessed, thus, justifying this post.

Jimmy Choo biker bootThe thing is, I may have found the perfect biker boot- if the perfect biker boot has a stiletto heel I suppose. Now, Dylan has been around for a while, and for the FW ’13 collection, Jimmy Choo has released him all over again in some pretty perfect Autumn tones. Are you excited yet? Can you tell I am? I particularly like that this boot has a good tread. So many designers create what they would call a Fall or Winter boot, when in truth, they have no reality of what those seasons are actually like. However, Choo is on the ball with it. Everything else about the boot I obviously enjoy too- that it is technically a biker boot yet it doesn’t come off as too err… chunky? I like the sleekness of the hardware and the smooth lines. And of course, that bit of a platform to guarantee some comfort. So, after all that, what colour are you grabbing it in? Check out the Jimmy Choo website for the full upcoming collection.


3 thoughts on “Jimmy Choo: Dylan Biker Boot

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