Victoria Photo Diary

I escaped the Calgary flooding only to hang out near an even bigger puddle of water. I hadn’t been out to the West coast in a couple years and was happy to spend the weekend in the sunshine with family. Here is what I was up to (wandering around and taking pictures of that thing they call the Pacific Ocean mostly):

Victoria British Columbia

The view from my hotel room at the Empress. Because its how I roll. 2013-06-30 22.10.01


On one of those cutesy water taxis. Sunnies: Prada, Sweater: J.Crew2013-06-30 22.14.01

Orca art everywhere! I wanted to go whale watching but changed my mind when I found out you don’t get to pet the whales hahaha! Sunnies: Prada, Jacket: Burberry, Shirt: Tory Burch.2013-07-02 01.38.04 2013-07-02 01.40.24 2013-07-02 01.47.12Back in Ottawa for a few weeks to pack up my place then hang out west until I put my shoes on a truck.



4 thoughts on “Victoria Photo Diary

  1. Oh very, very nice! Hey next time in Victoria stay at the Magnolia it’s just around the corner from the Empress. Give me a shout if you come to Vancouver!

    • I’ve never heard of that hotel- will have to check it out.
      I’d love to come visit Vancouver, it is easily one of my favourite cities in the world. My brother lives out in Port Moody so this is something that could actually happen!

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