For Daddy

Green Prada ShoesIts not just the devil that wears Prada- it is 75% of the family now. My Dad (thanks to me I have to say) has turned into one of the most sartorial people I know, and when we walked into the Prada store in Scottsdale last March, I knew I had done a great job. Sure, there was the whole conversation with the whole sales lady about having the shoe in every colour but black… and red… but I can honestly say that it was him that taught her that Prada is fun! And, it was him that picked out these green slip ons, all on his own.

I love you Daddy, and I am proud of you- not only because of your growing shoe collection.

Ps- I found this yesterday and wished I could get you it. Could you imagine bringing it as a piece of carry on to a flight?

giant garden gnome


4 thoughts on “For Daddy

  1. Ahh, lucky Daddy. He’s got a great daughter. Kinda sporting the Western outfit there. Are you stopping in town to visit (and maybe shop) in a couple weeks?

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