Manolo Blahnik: One of a Kind

Well, you might be surprised to know that I still exist. I have been living in a lovely world of stress between closing the school I work at, preparing to move away from the time zone, working on report cards, job hunting and everything in between. That being said, there is still no real excuse for not posting (other than a straight up lack of time and pure exhaustion) as I am still eager to be shoe-strong.

To make up for it, why don’t I share these Manolos I picked up in Vegas last month?

manolo blahnik purpleThese are actually my first pair of Manolos and nearly a month later, I am still swooning over them! There are only two Manolo Blahnik stores in the USA and I managed to wander into one of them on a weekend adventure in Sin City.

Mr. Blahnik himself designs 10 pairs of shoes a year for his 2 stores in the United States. Without having a clue about it until I was trying them on the salesperson let me know that this is one of his specially designed pairs. Leave it to me to pick out a one-of-a-kind pair of MB’s on a whim.

I was so attracted to them because in my opinion, they just scream Manolo Blahnik. Strappy with a covered toe, strong, innovative materials cut in delicate ways, no gauche platform and classic all the way. If I were to let you hold them in your hands (which you’d probably have to spend hours convincing me to let you and only then you may have to pry from a sort of kung-fu grip) you’d notice that the lace covering the toes is actually pony hair. Yes. Pony hair cut into a sort of lace. These shoes mean business.

Anyway, I’m truly going to make an attempt to post more often but please friends, bear with me for the next while. I’m still around reading your blogs and ogling footwear, I’ve just been packing shoes away instead of posting them online.



5 thoughts on “Manolo Blahnik: One of a Kind

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