What I Wore April 14/13 (Focus: Chanel)

Generally when I’m jetset I try and dress as comfortable as possibly, usually in leggings or something close. However, last Sunday as it was time to pack the craziness that was my weekend into a suitcase, I realized I had to change things up.

You see, if you wear your new Chanel sneakers on the plane, then you have room in your suitcase to fit your Jimmy Choo and Manolo shoeboxes.

What I WoreJeans: Rag and Bone, T Shirt: From Soul 2 Soul concert, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: BCBG, Sunnies: Jimmy Choo, Sneakers: Chanel.

The first unveiling of what was in one of those bags from a few posts back. Some super sweet Chanel sneakers.

Chanel SneakersTa-da! Quilted and comfy as expected. I always thought that if I were to be wearing Chanel shoes they’d have to be a pair of perfect ballerina slippers or classic pumps. But you know what? Whatever, at least you can’t blame me for not picking a “sensible” shoe. Whatever that means.

Chanel SneakersCute right? And yes, I was taking pictures of my feet at the airport again.



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