Spring 2013: Platform Wedge Sandal

Michael Kors Platform Sandal

Despite the blowing snow here (I wish I could be joking about this but its actually not that funny anymore) I have definitely been rearing and ready for Spring. Meaning, I have put away all my Winter boots and am yearning to toss my socks and live in sandals for the next few months. When I was down in AZ a few weeks ago I picked up a new pair or two and now, I am wanting to continue to wear them. Obviously.


When I packed away my heaviest Winter gear a couple days ago I came across one of my most favourite pairs of shoes Choos and it has got me thinking. Wedge sandals. Wedge platform sandals. Anybody? Are there any takers out there? I only own two pairs that are more ‘platformy’ (I mean added height while keeping a reasonably flat foot) and I don’t see them around too often. I admit, they’re tricky to pull off, but for a smaller girl like myself, I can get away with an extra two inches under my feet. Plus that added bonus of being able to distribute the pressure on your feet evenly…

Prada Strappy Wedge Sandal

I started snooping around online to see who is making what and to try and find what is out there for this style. I found a few beauties.

Fendi Wedge Sandal


In order from top: Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Fendi. Below: Kate Spade.

Kate Spade Tawny Sandal


5 thoughts on “Spring 2013: Platform Wedge Sandal

  1. Ooo, pretty!

    I don’t really like wedges personally, I feel klutzier than normal. But I like the look of them.

    Send the snow my way! It’s been in the 80’s here!!!

    ❤ Jules

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