Arizona Photo Diary: March 2013

I did alot of sharing and blogging with you when I was down in AZ over the past few weeks. I always love coming down to the sunshine and being able to just relax with some pink lemonade on hand. A few silly pictures that I didn’t post yet:

Casey in the DesertAnother snap of when Casey decided to take part in a little blogging action. That or he just wanted a sip of my orange juice!

Arizona Orange JuiceWell I actually didn’t share any juice with him. I just wanted to drink up and get shopping!

544162_10100443656975876_188244531_nCasey seemed to think that sitting on my legs would help me tan a bit better…

Arizona CactusThis cactus was much more entertaining than it should’ve been. I saw constant bird wars on and around it. Woodpecker vs. Quail (omg so weird) vs. Thrush vs. Hummingbird vs. Spider vs. The golfer that was convinced she scored a “9 pointer darlin’!”

O'Hare IntlI snapped this on my way back through Chicago. I’m sure alot of you readers have been to this airport before. My second time through I didn’t have to hustle quite so fast and managed to take a pic of the secret underground lair. It reminded me of a sweet sweet runway. The dudes infront of me didn’t though. Man they walked slow. I hate that.

Vegas is next on a later date! Stay tuned for what actually was in that Prada bag and a crapload more shoes.







3 thoughts on “Arizona Photo Diary: March 2013

  1. Awesome pics! I can almost feel the warmth from them. And of course you look great as always.

    5 days and counting for me 🙂

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