Prabal Gurung for Target

Hello again from the Grand Canyon State!! The other day we made a quick trip to Target so my Grandma could pick up some baby clothes  for my little cousins and I was able to experience the joy of a few things: Prabal Gurung- for Target, the cheapness of everything there and the purchase of one of those goofy robot vacuums that my dog hates yet I find incredibly entertaining to watch (I suppose it doesn’t take much for me?) Anywho, I was able to pick up these Prabal Gurung for Target shoes for a stupid good price. I’m generally not one to grab cheapy shoes because I usually don’t like the quality and they fall apart after a single wear. But, these, PG, I couldn’t resist… so I thought what the hell? And then to make things even more wonderful my dad was kind enough to grab them for me. 
So without further adeiu, the cheapiest pair of shoes I’ve ever owned.. and perhaps the most colourful:



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