Counting Down…

…The days until I am in the Grand Canyon State? Six! I am so excited and so beyond ready for a vacation! I’m looking forward to sunshine and wearing shorts and dresses, not having to see the (no less than) 4ft of snow outside my window every morning; and most importantly, I’m looking forward to some Tory Burch action!!

I saw these open toe peep pumps on the website and jumped for joy. Lets try and make them mine. Aren’t they pretty? What do you think?

TB Chantalle opentoe pumpTB_51128308_319_ATory Burch Chantalle pumps



7 thoughts on “Counting Down…

  1. Six days till Tory time, you’re teasing me. Those are beautiful pumps. That TB logo on the bottom is very cute. I can just picture you in the TB boutique trying them on. The question is, how many more pairs will you also buy? 🙂
    My Ocean blue Eddies are there waiting for me to pick them up at the end of this month.

    • Hey Brian, thanks for stopping by. I love the little logo on the sole of the shoe- its a little sneaky.
      I’m a little scared as to how the shopping will go down south. Must. Practice. Self. Control. I have my eyes open for a few things other than shoes though so hopefully I won’t go too bananas. There are some perfect stud earrings at the TB boutique that I saw last Christmas that I’ve been thinking about. And a white jean jacket. I think that needs to happen… to compliment these shoes of course.
      Can’t wait to see your blue Eddies! I will have to take a peek at them when I am at SFP!

      • Yes, self control is a MUST. Only buy what you can carry, more than that you are out of control.

        The logo on the sole caught my eye right away too. A white jean jacket! Sounds stunning. Please have a look at my Eddies flats. That will tease me and drive me crazy but make them that much nicer when I see them in person.

        Say “hi” to everyone at the TB boutique for me.

        Have a GREAT trip.

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