Charlotte Olympia: Queen of Hearts



Happy (ugh late) Valentines Day! I’m not super into this holiday but I have been surrounded by so many cut out hearts and paper bags at work I wanted to do a post with the theme too. Now, I meant to post these yesterday but I was absolutely run off my feet with snowshoeing, jelly bean bingo and making the best Bearentines Day dinner possible. Now that I have been sick to my stomach 8 times in the last 40 minutes this morning, I have the entire day to blog and spontaneously explode.

Charlotte Olympia Heart Shoe

Charlotte Olympia is the most kick-ass when it comes to cutesy, artsy, whatever you want to call it, shoes without looking tacky or too over the top. I found these “Love Me” shoes no later than a light year ago and I have had them sitting on my desktop waiting until now to share on the blog.

Charlotte Olympia DelphineThese “Delphine” shoes are my favourite of the bunch. I’ve seen them in a load of colours but the blush with the dark hearts are my favourite to the point that I’m placing them on my “to-do” list. An amazing pump with that classic C.O. platform… with a tiny twist!

Charlotte Olympia Queen of HeartsI just found these “Queen of Hearts” Charlotte Olympia shoes this morning and if you look, only the right shoe has an actual heart, the other a diamond (but who cares about the diamond, really now). Still cute to boot.


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