Get Your Fringe On

A wise man once told me “Once you go fringe, you’ll never go back”. That wise man, was my father, and why the hell he said it, I honestly could never tell you seeing as I’m unaware of anything he owns that could possibly have that type of embellishment.

Anyway, I was doing some therapy shopping with my Mom in Calgary a few days ago and we decided to end our day at one of our favourites, Arnold Churgin. I hadn’t had much in mind going in other than wanting to try something new. In this, I was thinking of something oxford specific, until I found the most amazing boots. On. Sale.

Arnold Churgin Ankle Boot Fringe

I’m much to lazy to snap a pic of my own pair but these are them exactly, only think better as the picture doesn’t really do them justice. They have the perfect amount of swishiness with each step and kind of just say “I’m a little bit cowboy, and a little bit indian, and you’re just really jealous that you didn’t get a pair first”.


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