Christmas 2012 Photo Diary

Just a few pictures from my trip down south for the holidays. I had a great time being with family, playing with Casey, shopping, and looking at this cactus:

Sunrise CactusThis is the view from our backyard, taken at sunrise the last morning in Arizona. Then my family and I had an epic road trip to San Diego which involved insane windmills, Panda chinese food and the highway patrol on the hunt for oranges, Mexicans and marijuana (don’t worry Mom, your Cold-FX is safe for travel).

San Diego, CALuckily we made it to San Diego hours later. This is my view from my room at the resort. I suppose it was just alright, y’know, trading in pine trees for palm and white snow for blue water was a little tough on me…! Anyway… how to spend my one full day there?

Sea World Feeding Sea LionsMy parents and I went to Sea World which was obviously insanely awesome. I was all ready to go for a “what I wore” post- Sea World edition when it started to rain before I could take any sweet pictures and had to resort to buying a hoodie. So, regardless, “What I Wore- Sea World Edition” here I go: Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo, Bag: Kate Spade (to be shared in a later post) Sweater: Elmo, found at Sesame Street Bay in the park, Jeans: Citizens of Humanity, Shoes: Zara, Sweater underneath hoodie that you were supposed to see: Wilfred, Fish: Disgusting. I was feeding the Sea Lions here, kinda weirded out over the fact that sardines don’t have eyelashes.

Sea World SharkThis part of the day at Sea World unfortunately was a “no petting” zone. I wish the pictures turned out better…

Penguin Exhibit


This was taken from one of my favourite parts of the day. Had it not been so busy, I would’ve found a way to break into the exhibit and steal one of the baby penguins.

Shamu Sea World


While we had lunch, my parents and I were able to view an orca training session. I think my pictures speak more than my words here.

Killer Whale Sea World

Dine with Shamu






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