A Little Southern Comfort

This is totally non shoe related but how can I not share this story??
As mentioned in my last post, my trip down to Scottsdale so far has been filled with excitement. Perhaps the most exciting thing so far, exciting as getting my moms heart goin’ to beat sixty, was when this little critter crawled out of the drain in the bathroom sink.


This is my first time in about the 10 years I’ve been coming down here to visit that I’ve ever seen a scorpion and I have to say, one crawling around drenched in water and toothpaste is just short of disgusting. As much as I love it down here, I am wondering if I prefer Canada nature wise- where it is too cold for bugs and the most we have to do is wrestle off a bear every so often.

For my southern readers- has this ever happened to you? For anyone else- whats the craziest thing you’ve seen crawling around your home?


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