Embellished Bags with Mary Frances

I’m down in Phoenix for Christmas and am definitely having one of my more interesting adventures of my life. Complete with scorpions coming out of the drain (a picture and story for another post), Fashion Mall adventure, sock monkies on Christmas trees and a gorgeous birthday present from my parents about a month early.
Mary Frances makes the coolest, basically couture bags. Embellished in beads and gems, completely by hand, I think this is one of the coolest bags I own. Another perfect example of fashion and art crossing paths, and this time, in my closet.


I love the funky guitar shape of the bag, the soft suede with a subtle print and the chain strap attached (not shown above but it is everything you’d dream it to be). Most of all, I love the crazy embellishments, beads and gems galore. Check out a more detailed pic I snapped last night via Instagram:


I can’t wait to style this!!


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