Little Friends For Your Feet

I think for me it all started the moment I saw the Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats. The achievement of placing little whiskers and ears, accompanied by beady eyes on your toes all while remaining extremely chic amazed me. And then there are the Charlotte Olympia cat loafers, often thought to belong to Marcs collection. Equally as awesome, in a more eloquent (did I really just say that about kitties?) stitched-onto-suede-loafers sort of way. It made me wonder why I never saw kitty slippers or even better, puppy shoes done by Mr. Jacobs. It made sense, right?

Well let me introduce to you, Shorty and Rue. I think I have some hunting at Neiman Marcus to do down south next weekend.



Those black suede smoking loafers, puppy love.

4 thoughts on “Little Friends For Your Feet

  1. Ahhh, cute. Have a great time “hunting” at the SFP. Remember, empty suitcase going down and, well you know the rest. Safe travels.

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