Five Favourites: December/12

Five Favourites as of late, via Instagram

382093_10100360660371736_616141479_nLast week E and I were supposed to go to an ugly Christmas sweater party. Me being me naturally didn’t own anything particularly ugly so I decided instead to change it to a fabulous sweater party. After getting ready and purposefully primping myself until I was extra fabulous, I was picked up and told there was a change of plans. “Here hold these” as E handed over surprise tickets to Carrie Underwood that night instead. Carrie Underwood has a flying stage and beach balls and lasers. Carrie Underwood > Ugly Sweaters.

67932_10100360660800876_535823412_nI kind of play Drawsomething on my phone all the time. I’m a terrible artist and my students generally laugh at my artwork when I find myself in a position in which I have to draw for them. Here is my latest piece of work.

Can you guess the word?




IMG_20121215_090816I’m keeping my footwear festive this month. Sparkles and glitter are not just for pumps. Clockwise from top left:

Michael Kors Aria Loafers (holiday ’12). Nine West Glitter Loafers (Summer ’12). Michael Kors Gold studded and perforated flats (SS ’10). Nine West glitter flecked ballerina flats (Fall ’12).



IMG_20121215_090938The weather has finally cooled down. I was getting worried for a bit when it was 18 degrees outside at the end of November. Thankfully (as if I’m about to type this) Ottawa was hammered with snow, freezing rain, cold winds, and ice fog shortly after. I’ve been putting my cosy knits to work and experimenting with layers. I’m particularly enjoying this sweaters colour blocking and soft soft soft soft soft wool.


598409_10100360433376636_714793501_nLast summer I received a tablet from my amazing Dad. I love it, I bring it everywhere, including to bed where almost every night I find myself staying up way later than I should as I am fiddling around on it. I have a plain black  squishy case for it, thats functional but I always thought it deserved something moreUnfortunately, as genius as the folks over at Asus are, they are completely lacking in the accessories department. After months of searching and pondering I finally had my moment, where I pulled out this metallic mesh clutch by BCBG and just eyeballed it a bit, wondering if it would be the right size. Now, because I’m generally right about these type things, it did- detachable keyboard included, and now fabulous me has a fabulous case to carry my tablet in. More glam than any iPad case I’ve ever seen.


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