12 Days of Party Shoes: Day 12, Chanel

Day 12, Chanel:

For the final day of my party shoe roundup I wanted to find something extra special to share with everyone. I admit that finding heel focused party shoes that fit my requirements was quite a challenge. However, this last stop was a no brainer.

01From pistol shaped, trigger happy stilettos to footwear just short of what you might see at NASA in the 1970’s, Karl Lagerfeld just knows how to make that shoe. You know what I mean? Our last party heel somewhat resembles Baroque kitchen hardware. Cream and gold is one of my favourite colour combinations possible, I find it so elegant. It kind of takes you to a time where denim didn’t exist and people played the clavichord. Lagerfeld can do that with his work, he takes the buyer places- to different parts of the world, periods in time, different worlds even. The Holidays can do that for us too. We travel around to celebrate with friends and family, we’re taken back to childhood memories when we sit around the tree or taste Grandma’s cooking.

Anyway, back to the shoe. It’s another perfect combination of soft and edgy, the cut out at the back of the boot keeps the shoe modern and the obscure wooden heel keeps everything interesting.


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