Five Favourites (November 10/12)

Apologies for being completely MIA since Halloweeen but I needed to tear myself away from the blog in order to let life take over for a small while. Now that work is… well busier than ever and I am finding myself completely run down this weekend, a little late night blogging can’t do much harm. Infact, I was looking forward to this post. Five Favourites since the start of the month.


Check out the details on my skirt for the slew of Holiday concerts and parties I have to attend. I found this at Club Monaco a while ago and went nuts over the hand beaded beauty. The skirt itself is a slight tulip shaped mini and is actually rather heavy due to the beaded goodness. I’m so looking forward to styling this with absolutely everything and am enjoying the fact that though definitely meant for holiday season, the use of grape colouring instead of that Christmasy cranberry shade really mixes things up and makes it more versatile. Totaly stoked, LOVE!


You know how sometimes in life the CRAZIEST shit happens? Well generally it does for me too, but last Sunday the Universe really stepped its game up for me. Let me explain: when I was growing up, I had a fishtank in my room full of goldfish. One fish that I was particularly fond of I had strategically named Cow (RIP) as it clearly was destined to be named Cow and nothing else. Well, one day, many many moons ago, the plague hit my fishtank, leaving all of my precious friends afloat belly up in my tank- except for Gepetto but that is a different story. Anyway, you could only imagine how devastated I was to lose my fishy friends, especially Cow. Fast forward to last Sunday, I am on a girldate going for Yummy Sushi and walk into the restaurant to see no other than Cow, gleefully swimming in the tank. Naturally I lost it and freaked out, and took pictures, and teared up over my resurrected fish. I honestly couldn’t believe it, sometimes it is just too funny how the Universe works. A Christmas miracle if you ask me.


Later that afternoon I hit up the Aviation museum for E’s last concert. Of course I ended up hanging out with an Astronaut again making good conversation. The only difference is, this time he was cardboard.


Michael Kors studded Aria shoes for Holiday ’12. Thankyou Michael for some more perfect shoes. I love how you glam everything up. Detailed post to follow.


Tonight E and I treated ourselves to some special new holiday mugs. I swear one day we are going to have a cupboard just for all of our goofy mugs, it is getting out of control. I think these ones are especially cute and make our hot drinks, or wine because we’re into that too, taste that much better. Thankyou bobloblaws.


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