Five Favourites (October 7/12)

Five favourites as of late:

My gold lame skirt from Forever XXI. Its kind of perfect, its basically amazing, and I paid next to nothing to grab it.

Shiseido deep cleaning foam from the Pureness line. I had been looking for what felt like forever to find “the perfect” deep cleaning foam and I’m pretty sure I’ve found it. It leaves the skin extremely soft with that great tight feeling you get after a facial and, its not oily at all. You only need a drop of this stuff too so despite forking out a nickel or two, the tube will last for a long time. I’ve had clear skin my whole life but after reading endless reviews on it, the verdict is that its great for the more acne prone too.


Obsessed with Zara zip leggings. Now renaming them to “victory leggings”.

I’m heading to a wedding this afternoon and am pretty stoked to accessorize with these gold beaded hoop earrings. Thankyou BCBG for the awesome sales.

So so so stoked to rock my Michael Kors “Elena” pumps in bordeaux during todays festivities. The suede is s soft and the thick straps are beyond amazing. Michael does it again!






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