Get Ready for Fall!

This afternoon I spent hours sorting out my wardrobe. Packed away Spring and Summer clothing- shoes, denim, sandals, skirts, onesies, tops- and pulled out my heavy knits and some Fall boots. A quick snap of the beginnings of the chaos.

Anyway, a few hours and 4 partially organized (I say partially as I didn’t work on my clothes too much) I stepped back and felt incredibly proud. I know that might sound utterly ridiculous, to be proud of your closets, but the truth is, I’ve worked hard on building it up, planning certain pieces and coordinating them like crazy. So many items have a story, a great memory or are from someone special, and I am reminded each time I come across them. I know that I’m well off in life, I’ve been truly blessed by God who is so good to me, and only hope that I can pay it forward in the end.

I never have really mentioned the reason I started talktomyshoes on the site itself other than my obvious passion for footwear. But really, I started talktomyshoes as a project a few months after my Grandpa passed away in 2010. I needed something to channel my energy and focus, I also needed something just for myself, an escape if you will. A year and quite some time later I am still here blogging about shoes and fashion. I have entered an incredible world- the fashion blogosphere, made up of networks, fashion, photography and thoughts from other people, just like me. A big thank YOU to each of my readers for choosing to stop by talktomyshoes. You do not go unnoticed and your support is truly appreciated. And for those of you who have just stumbled upon this site, thank you for coming across this particular space in the void. Your visits are just as important to me.


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