Five Favourites: Fall Must-Haves (September/12)

Well I haven’t done this in quite some time, and really, it was actually pretty difficult narrowing down everything I have been crazy about lately for Fall. However, after much thought, I think I basically have something to share with you- that being 5 things that I would have trouble living without this Fall.

My beloved Rag and Bone skinny jeans in Forest green. I actually spotted these out west last month and went crazy on the inside for them. Then when I decided to hunt them down, they were nowhere to be found- until the other day when I least expected it. Thankyou to the newest Rag and Bone dealer in Rideau, you really made my day. I’m thrilled that over the past while I have finally been finding jeans that fit me properly, hugging in the right spots, pockets sitting where pocket should sit. Rag and Bone, Citizens of Humanity and JBrand, lets hope I’m not becoming a denim junkie now too.

Now these Lesley knee boots by Michael Kors are currently on my to-do list. Up there with buying groceries for the week and vaccuuming. They are THE boot for Fall. I have been on the hunt for “the exact boot”: leather, knee high, black, thick heel, &c. This is it. When in doubt, go to MK.






I randomly was given a sample of Doll Lashes by Lancome this summer and have been attached to it since. Generally speaking I swear by Mac makeup, they create products that really work for me. I have tried all of there mascaras which I enjoy, however, this stuff by Lancome is just a whole different ball game. Wide-eyed and longlashed is something I really don’t mind at all.

I’m kind of mean to my hair. I dye it, dry it and iron it all the time. My hair takes an asskicking. And though a douse of Moroccan Oil every few days seems to really help, this Bed Head Recovery is going to make life that much better. You know when you get out of the shower and you are just like “Holy crap! I am SO clean”? Well this does this to your hair like never before. And not only that, you can also say things like “Holy crap!! My hair is so healthy!” or “Holy crap! My hair is so soft” or EVEN “Holy crap!!! My hair is so damn shiny!” Writing this little blurb has me stoked on washing my hair. How ridiculous. But really, its that good.

If everyone in the world knew how amazing this vest is, there would probably be riots. At last, after a month or two I get to wear my fur vest. Who buys a fur vest in the middle of Summer? Umm… I do right here. Because I waited well over a year for it. It was the one item from last year that I ogled and dreamt about every day and never took any action. Then at long last, it happened. Now I know that there are alot of people bothered by the use of fur in fashion and what not and I understand but its just how this carnivore rolls. Michael Kors, twice in one entry? I just can’t help myself.


One thought on “Five Favourites: Fall Must-Haves (September/12)

  1. I bought that vest too…. can’t wear it yet (too warm) and then when the rainy season starts in Vancouver who knows when I’ll get a chance, but I just couldn’t resist…. I understand.

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