Update: Marie Antoinette Louboutins

Remember these “Marie Antoinette Hits Up Bollywood Louboutins” that I shared with you once upon a time? Only 30 some pairs made in the world, limited edition (just read about them in the other blog post) yadda yadda ya. Indian inspired colours with detail reminiscent perhaps of the Palace of Versailles, yet I could not figure out the detail on the ankle strap (and now I see a ship on this particular pair?) Well, I found yet another pair, and this time that notch on the ankle strap makes much more sense- colour scheme wise at least.


Aren’t they perfect? So what if they are “so 2009”. I want to wear them with oxblood coloured everything. The mix of cream with olive embroidery, satin and lace makes nothing less than an absolutely beautiful shoe. So romantic in not your typical way. I officially decided, if I were to get my paws on a pair, it’d definitely be these. And that detail on the ankle strap that I couldn’t take my eyes off, well that works for me just fine too. These shoes are great, even for Fall. Don’t you think? Christian Louboutin, this is some of your finer work.



4 thoughts on “Update: Marie Antoinette Louboutins

  1. Not only is Christian Louboutin one of my favorite footwear designers but I just Marie Antoinette in Cambridge last night and I was writing a blog about it(the play). These shoes are absolutely amazing and very unique. So cool. Have you seen the Cinderella Louboutins?

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