The Row/Toms: Limited Edition for Winter

And speaking of Toms, the Row has recently collaborated with the brand to create limited edition “Winter” Toms. Now if you ask me, I think it is a little silly to call them “Winter” Toms as if I wore these outside on the average day during a Canadian winter, I’d be welcoming frostbite whole heartedly in less than a minute. Thus, I feel they should be called “dry day in Autumn” Toms, or, “Winter in a warmer climate like Africa or Texas” Toms. (Don’t even try and argue with me on that one).

Regardless of what I feel they should be actually called, I do fully approve of cashmere and Italian wool on my feet. What I wonder is, if I buy a pair of “Winter” Toms, does a child in need receive a pair of limited edition ones as well? Highly unlikely. But whatever, One for One is a great idea regardless.


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