Get Red-y for Fall at Michael Kors

Michael Kors is one of those designers that just makes me giddy with excitement. Michael Kors in Autumn with all of my favourite colours for my favourite season makes me so crazy I feel like its the end of the world in the best way ever. Flat or heel? Patent or suede? Mary-Jane or peep toe? Michael or Kors? Black or red? Crap crap crap! Do you know how much easier life would be if I could utter three little words?? “One of each” Like any trip to Starbucks we all must make tough decisions on the spot, and so this is what I narrowed my hunt down to, and this what occurred: Crimson Mary Jane Kors pump in patent (the Galli style pictured here) The red in the room as I walked in was better than Christmas. I had to limit myself to only looking at footwear. Had I started to check out purses of all sorts… well really I’d be a very fabulously stylish homeless person.

Alas summer is over, the shoe count is to be put on hold (but we all know how I am, and how long can that last, really?) and I am to face reality tomorrow with students, worksheets and complete chaos. At least I’ll be doing it with my heels held high.

Dedicated to Brian, a very important fan of talktomyshoes. At least I know I’m not alone in my Michael Kors addiction. PS- crimson Fulton Mocs do exist!


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