Summer Shoe Roundup

Today is my last day of summer. Tomorrow I must wake up early (how the hell am I going to swing that one?) look presentable and start prepping for the school year. When someone asks me what I’ve been up to over the last 2.5 months, I’m probably just going to say I went to the rodeo twice, grew out my hair by 3 inches and got a tan. But really friends, you and I know that what I really was doing, I was buying shoes.

Presenting to you my summer shoe roundup!

My first trip out west entailed all the the shoe chaos you could expect from a person with no shoe shopping control. It was the beginning of summer and I went crazy for these Vince Camuto sandals. I wore the crap out of them this summer and plan on continuing to do so right until the first snowfall.

I went completely nuts over these oxford cut-out pumps by Arnold Churgin. The joys of having a Churgins less than 15 minutes away from our house in Calgary. Apologies for the quality of pictures, my instagram skills aren’t wonderful yet.

After strategically leaving my 4 pairs of cowboy boots at home, I desperately needed these ankle cowboy boots (also from Arnold Churgin, same trip) as I couldn’t arrive at the mud covered High River rodeo in anything else.

Soon after, my Mom and I welcomed into our lives, the start of a new shoe era in both our closets, Mr. Stuart Weitzman. When I first started this blog I went crazy for SW cork pumps. One day last June, that dream came true.

We had such tough luck shopping one day at Chinook that we (my mom and I <3) decided to return to Stuart Weitzman where we were welcomed upon return with that breathtaking word: “sale”. These pumps are my new favourite black pair. If only you knew how soft they are.

Bridging gaps between trips out West and determined to not shop until my return to Calgary, I found these pink pumps on sale and decided that grabbing one pair on sale doesn’t really count as shopping, does it?

This picture is so dark, I’m so sorry. I wish you could see how great these flats are. I saw them in Zara and they reminded me of a pair by Stella McCartney from a few seasons ago. Aren’t they pretty?

I really like Nine West shoes, for those who haven’t figured that out already. They are affordable, comfortable and pretty sturdy. When I saw these calf hair loafers I had so many thoughts cross my mind: “old men smoking cigars” “Big salon with old men smoking cigars” “Big salon with old men smoking cigars and me eating nibs” “Big salon with old men smoking cigars and me eating nibs and drinking a shirley temple wearing these shoes” Well by the time I got to that last statement, I was obviously sold- in a size 7 of course.

I say this all the time, my parents are cooler than yours. The fact is, they both read this blog, and both secretly enjoy reading about my adventures in shoes. With their great taste I was surprised with these pony hair ballerina flats by Carolina Herrera. I shared them a few posts back so I won’t go into detail, but they basically are beyond amazing!!

I mentioned before the story of beating Zappos, Burberry boots and the online adventure!

Certainly not a wonderful picture of my glitter flats from Nine West but you can read about them in a previous post. The only thing better than glitter flats is wearing glitter flats that match your Mom.

I took glittery shoe shopping to a whole new level during my last trip to Calgary. Yes the glittery flats above did happen, but I haven’t really shared with you the glory that is these pink glittery pumps. I wore them on Thursday evening to the CG band final dinner and had more compliments on them than there were glasses of wine. I think these are becoming a pair for my favourites list!

ps- that leopard print in the background? Snuggie for the win!


3 thoughts on “Summer Shoe Roundup

  1. AMAZING. I want the nine wests, anddd those riding boot-esque rubber wellies? (Is that a correct description? They look rubbery) WANT. 😛

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