Five Favourites (August ’12)

Back in Ottawa and just wanted to share a few snaps from my trip. I’m wishing I had my phone on me for the bbq and the chuck races but unfortunately I don’t have any pics to share from that. Anyway, 5 favourites, instagram style:

Ok so these weren’t from the trip, but I grabbed them just before. I basically never shop at Aldo but while walking by the store, I was completely blinded by the rudeness of these shoes.  They are SO pink, I wish you, readers, could truly see in real life. They are migrane worthy, and they were only 30-some dollars. I don’t think I’ve ever bought shoes for that much… they’ll probably fall apart on me in a few weeks or rip my feet to shreds, but I’ll just have fun in them until then!


Look at this view and then try and tell me that Alberta isn’t the most beautiful place in existence. I snapped this one afternoon, roaming the city with my parents. Why people would rather be surrounded by forest with trees blocking every view is so beyond me.





Haven’t you ever wanted to make up some completely ridiculous name when the Barista at Starbucks takes your order? Well one day, while in a power outage in the mall with my Mom, I did. The best is the confused look on the servers faces as they call, “One grande decaf latte for Danger.” Hilarious.




What up cabin? I haven’t seen you since umm… highschool. You are lookin’ good, kinda crazy. This is the best fireplace ever. It is so heavy, a wall in the basement had to be added for support. Notice Casey running by the bottom of the frame. He was more excited than everyone combined to be up at the Lake!




Casey and I just had the best time. Here he is with his new toy. It is a weird lime green rubber dog with a squeaker that just won’t seem to break. We had naps, chased eachother round the kitchen, ate treats, and at some point during playing fetch, we both managed to run into a wall or doorframe. Best Friends Forever!


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