All that Glitters: Is On My Feet

One afternoon while doing a bit of shopping out West, I found these kickass glittery shoes. I love them for the obvious reasons of being covered in glitter (my magpie-like shiny detector went absolute haywire in Nine West when I saw these and another pair I promise to post later) but also because of how the shoe itself is done. There is no denying that this flat is covered in something just short of pixie dust, but the sparkle is done in deep purples and blues with a black undertone, not letting any potential glittery madness get too out of hand. I also like the beaded line around the edge, it really just pulls the whole look together, another example of small details making the biggest statements.

The best part about trying & purchasing these shoes was that I convinced my amazing Mom to try on a pair in her size. Needless to say, the entire store was completely envious of her and we left with matching shoes. Pretty wonderful afternoon if I say so myself.



4 thoughts on “All that Glitters: Is On My Feet

  1. Those are awesome! I see what you mean about the glitter colours in blue and purple. Very cute. Good thing I wasn’t at Nine West with you guys, there might have been three of us walking out of there with a pair, haha.

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