Burberry Heritage: The Classic Trench

There are few names that I can think of that have built their company based on one product, revolutionizing that item forever. Louis Vuitton and luggage, Hermes and riding wear, Tods and driving shoes (though much more recent) and Burberry and the trench. All of these power houses have obviously expanded their product range, yet still have people banging at their doors begging for what they do the best. For me, Burberry has always been one of those houses. Tied so deeply in history with roots originally in the military, later stepping into the fashion world, I have always been the hugest sucker for the Burberry trench.


Originally made available to Officers and Warrant Officers in the British Military during the First World War, this item was offered as an alternative to the great coats many soldiers sported. Do we see how the trench coat got its name?? Initially these trenches were only suggested to the ranks mentioned and were to be purchased directly. With the one of a kind gabardine material, these ranks took a liking to the coats. Complete with D rings to carry swords, grenades, water bottles, &c. a special gun flap to keep ones jacket closed when using a rifle and shoulder straps to hold the soldiers rank, it is no wonder that these jackets were held with such high esteem. The result was a timeless creation with features that are still found in Burberry’s collections today.


Even now the 150some year old company still to no surprise still features the trench coat as a main selling point. Today I am thrilled to say that I have at last joined that circle and may now truly salute the companys significance in the military and fashion worlds. The short cotton blend trench from the Heritage line is an insanely beautiful and beautifully versatile jacket. Hitting just below the hips, the jacket is perfect for any style of dress- day to night, evening coffee, late brunch, over dresses, over jeans, anything at all. I am so excited to welcome this new piece into my closet.


I had gone 24 years without a hint of classic checks in my life and all of a sudden I’m up to X2 in a week. This is getting a little crazy, my mind is being blown, but I really think it has all came down to luck. Thankyou thankyou.


4 thoughts on “Burberry Heritage: The Classic Trench

  1. UGH 8 years ago when I was at the Burberry outlet I saw this Burb trench for $600, 8 years ago I was a university student where $600 means a LOT of money and I didn’t buy it… and now they’re at double the price!! Booourns I regret that day of not buying it everyday now 😦

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