Burberry Bliss: The Perfect Riding Boot for a Rainy Day

I’m out west for the week and determined to blog via tablet so please excuse any wonkiness in my updates- I honestly am not all sure as to what I’m doing. What i am sure is how much i love my new Burberry rainboots! They are the perfect cross between riding and rain. I originally ogled these in the Calgary Burberry location months ago and didn’t manage to do anything about my adoration towards them. About three weeks ago I found them online at zappos and managed to weasel my way around the fact that they do not ship to Canada. In the end i am an incredibly lucky girl who won’t mind the ground being wet nearly as much!



Having a great trip so far, should have alot of material to share with you soon!


5 thoughts on “Burberry Bliss: The Perfect Riding Boot for a Rainy Day

  1. WOW! I can’t believe those are rain boots. Great find. I’d like to know what you did to get Zappos to ship them to you???
    Have a great time out West in my end of the country. Crazy storm last night hey!

    • Hey there! I couldn’t believe my luck when I found them online! It was almost the end of the world when I found out they didn’t ship to Canada. I actually had them sent to familys place down in Scottsdale and my parents brought them back to Calgary for me, how lucky, right??
      I’m having a great time in Calgary so far, it is great to be home. The storm was crazy- I was actually in Southcenter coming out of the new Michael Kors when the whole mall lost power. There are fallen trees everywhere down in my end. Hope you didn’t have any damage. And speaking of storms, how about Sunday night? I landed at the airport and had to wait 3 hours for my luggage because they wouldn’t send the workers out onto the tarmac to empty the planes!!!
      Thanks for stopping by again!!

      • Too funny about Zappos. I’ve been think the same thing. Have stuff sent to our house in Arizona and bring it home.
        I didn’t know there is a MK store in Southcenter. AWESOME! Did you buy anything? Sunday was crazy. I was working Sunday night. I’m not sure if I’ve told you but I work at the YYC airport. We sat around for 2 hours waiting for the lightning to end and then it was crazy busy. 3 of our flights diverted to Edmonton then arrived later that night. Sorry you had to wait so long for your baggage. I work in aircraft maintenance not baggage. I don’t fit the “sterotype” for an airline maintenance guy but thats what I do. Hope you have a great time here.


        • Yeah the MK just opened up in Southcenter a few weeks ago. Its a really nice store, a tiny bit smaller than the one at Chinook. I picked up a new jet set zip tote in the new purple shade they have for FW. Its a pretty basic bag but it’ll be great for running to and from work this year. Did you know that Arnold Churgins moved down there too from Chinook?
          Wild I had no idea you worked at YYC, I actually feel alot better about flying knowing that someone with great style is taking care of the planes! You are totes the coolest hahaha!
          Talk soon and thanks again for the visit!

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