Exotic Chic: Louboutin’s Bollywood Inspired Looks

I’ve talked before about Marie Antoinette hittin’ up Bollywood via Christian Louboutin but it seems that the designer isn’t just taking the headless there. I shared a tiny sneak peek earlier this Spring of these embroidered beauts but never paid too much attention until now. How like me, to get momentarily crazy about something once everyone else is losing interest… like that Super Bass song or anything Niki Minaj.  Readers I swear I’m actually not that cool. Anyway, regardless of in or out, really cool or just pretty darn cool, I’m into these Louboutins.

Now I actually don’t know a hell of alot about Bollywood. I know where it comes from, what it is, and that I always really like the Bollywood numbers on So You Think You Can Dance. I also know that I love the embroidery and all the detail in these shoes. Teeny tiny beads, swirly and ziggy patterns all on a perfectly coloured pair of shoes. So what do you think? Too much? Too little or never enough? Should we leave exoticism to late 19th century opera or is it what makes the fashion world go round?


4 thoughts on “Exotic Chic: Louboutin’s Bollywood Inspired Looks

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