Manolo Blahnik FW’12

A rainy, yet welcome day in Ottawa. Procrastinating with a pot of tea and some blogging, getting excited for fall fashion to finally come into play and getting excited for my soon approaching trip out west where I will collect as much fur, leather, and glitter as my overtly large suitcase can hold.

Taking a look at footwear for the season, I think it will be a welcome break from colour blocking. Is anybody else tired of it? I know some other bloggers out there certainly are. What I’m looking forward to this season is playing with texture, and Manolo Blahniks FW’12 line certainly gives some great options. Just a few pieces to share with you:

Ok so I love these because they remind me of my grandmothers Ukrainian easter eggs she used to keep around her house but also because of how these have quite a Baroque feel- a contrapuntal shoe if I may say so. I see a whole subject and its answers, stretto in the heel… can you tell I have been studying fugues for far too long?

Well these aren’t quite like J.S. Bach on acid but I still think that they relate to the feel from the shoe above. Still very much a statement shoe, a little militaristic. This is a shoe that you can just look at for a long time and remain engaged.

Other parts of the FW’12 collection are more clearly relatable to the previous Spring collection. Similar mustard yellows used, this time combined with wood and less prominent stitching from before. Mr. Blahnik knows how to keep simple shoes interesting, a round cutout is sometimes all you need, and more.

Manolo Blahnik is one who is famous for using simple embellishments to completely dress up a look, think his blue pumps Sarah Jessica Parker wore, or those “swan” shoes from the wedding shoe post. I like this pair as it also shows that the designer is truly a master to detail. Yes at a glance the shoe is nice with the brooch on the toe, but take a look at the lines; a piece coming up from the toe, kinda like on a loafer (hah) to clean up toe cleavage, and the slight contrast in colour around the edges and on the stiletto. It is these little things that makes a shoe like this interesting.






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