How To: The Fishtail French Braid

As mentioned before, I am braid crazy! When it comes to attempting all those crazy braided hairstyles everyone pins on Pinterest or sees on t.v., you are much more luckily to be successful at achieving the look when you know what your doing. Obviously. Usually these looks are just variations of the basics, so readers and long-haired friends looking to learn what to do with your mane, lets catch up on a little something called the fishtail french braid.

I swear this looks way more complicated than it actually is. The worst part will be having to hold your arms above your head awkwardly. Here is what to do:

1) Select a section of hair from the top of your head and split it into two pieces as if you are going to start a regular fishtail braid.

2) Grab a new strand of hair from one side of your head and cross it over to join the section of hair on the opposite side.

3) Grab a new strand of hair from the other side of your head (i.e. if in step two you grabbed from the right, now grab from the left, & vice versa) and cross it over to join the opposite strand.

*Think. Your hair is split in 2 sections to start. Hair added from the right is put into the section on the left, hair added from the left is put into the section on the right.

4) Repeat, repeat, repeat!

5) Once you have reached the top of your neck, continue the braid as a regular fishtail, or tie it off, or curl the ends, or make a messy bun, or add a flower, or tuck the rest under the braid, or do whatever you please because you are done!

6) Be proud of yourself and admire your hopefully beautiful braid. If not, be proud of your efforts and know that this is a good look when done messy too.

7) Show off your braid to everyone and let them think that you must have spent an hour on your hair or that you are the hair guru.

Tip: Pulling a few loose sections from the braid creates a more “effortless” look.

Double Tip: Try doing this with just your bangs, it is equally as exciting!



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