Olympic Fashion Roundup: The Catwalk of Nations

I finally was able to catch up with myself and watch the Olympic fashion show… err, I mean the Parade of Nations. It is the same thing really, I watched it the same way I watch any show, I was looking at some of the same designers I would regularly pay attention to, and everyone was so good looking and fit, they all could be cast for something commercial.  Now may I present to you, a little talktomyshoes style roundup:

I better start out with my home country to kick things off. We look pretty good, as we generally do. Decked out in gear from the Hudson’s Bay Company, sporting our colours and a big “Canada” logo for anyone who missed where we came from. The only thing I would have considered tweaking is perhaps trading our khakis for white pants. I know a few other countries did that this year, it looks sharp and well, it is pretty trendy right now. Mind you, khakis are the more practical choice for the great Canadian wilderness when we are off wrestling moose, building igloos and chatting aboot hockey, eh? On that note, I hope for the next Olympics we are sporting head to toe beaver pelts.

Lets take a look at my neighbours to the south. The USA were so lucky as to be dressed by Ralph Lauren, a truly American fashion icon. However, it is the “made in China” Ralph Lauren, thus creating many mixed reviews. Naturally I love Uncle Ralph’s blazers, scarves, and the mens outfits overall. Not so much the women’s. There were complaints that the berets made the USA look too militaristic, but I don’t see that- I see prep school all the way. The kind of uniform my students will be stuck wearing when they are older. I’m a little disappointed, only because I know it could have been that much better.

Team France, they would never screw this one up, and they didn’t at all. Look at how good they look! And the thing is, it wasn’t Chanel, Dior, or any name like that to dress them, it was ADIDAS. Who the hell knew? Right? Adidas did a really good job, I am so proud of them, though their task isn’t difficult because I have yet to see a ‘bad looking’ French person- nevermind French Olympian. I give this outfit a OUI/10 ! (oh ps- french equestrian jackets are made by Hermes! I will share with you soon)

Italy is easily my favourite of the whole show. After seeing this I decided that they already won the Olympics. Any country that arrives decked out in head-to-toe Armani deserves all the medals in my books. You can tell that this isn’t the first time on a catwalk for most of them. LOVE it! (Sailing uniforms made by Prada. How unfair to all the other competitors?)

Team Great Britain, designed by Stella McCartney (though here pictured in high street label Next). I was actually really thrilled to hear that she was asked to design all the uniforms for team GB during the games. The result is very her. Or very Sporty Spice but she was English too. Whatever it is, it seems to be working for them and as they are the host we will let them get away with it. Though might I ask, since when is gold a colour of the Union Jack? Bold move.

The athletes from San Marino were lucky enough to be dressed by Salvatore Ferragamo. He showed that you don’t need alot of contestants to make a big statement at the games. The women from sovereign state wore peplum shirts complimented by light hardware, belts, zippers, &c. Nude pumps and matching SF bags rounded off the look.

When I saw Team Sweden I became so excited. I really like their choice of uniform, laid back with rugby stripes in their flags colours and oh! The matching shoes! So sunny and friendly. I love the vibrancy of the colours and the overall athletic look. Also, skort or skirt? Doesn’t matter, it is just a job well done.

There were some real mixed reviews over the Czech Republic’s uniforms but I say it is all in good fun. I like the undone look while, may I say, dressed for the weather. I just ordered new wellies as well a week or so ago. Who made your boots Czech friends? Burberry made mine.

Dear Germany, I was truly at a loss for words upon your arrival. Coming from the country of Hugo Boss and Karl Lagerfeld and you showed up in this? Shame on you. Shame.

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