Braid Crazy Summer

I have just been going crazy with braids all summer. So easy, so pretty and such endless options. A little braidspiration so everyday is a great hair day!

I just tried this sort of conch-style braid this afternoon on a whim and it was surprisingly easy. A tutorial of how to create this and similar looks is coming your way very soon!

Make your braid a little more interesting by using different sized strands to create different textures within the braid. I’m also a fan of braiding one strand separately before I braid the three main strands together.

Kind of similar to the Valentino hair crown tutorial that I posted here but alot more simple. It is amazing what you can do with just a french braid.

Braided headbands of all shapes and sizes. Also loving how blunt her bangs are.

I’ve yet to try this one but I am determined that it will happen. It looks like one large dutch braid with the end pinned across the forehead. I’ll let you know how it turns out…

Curl those ends of your waterfall braid!!! How pretty is this? I think it might just be my hairdo for tomorrow evening. Surprisingly enough my waterfall braid tutorial is by far the most popular post to date on talktomyshoes. Thankyou so much readers for trusting in my ridiculous description of “how to” turn your hair extra fancy. To check it out, click here.


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