If the Shoe Makes You Happy, Wear It

I’ve been asked a few times about how to wear shoes with confidence during any occasion. After thinking it over for a while I think my quickest advice is to just do it. Wear the shoe, rock it and enjoy the whole experience. Then do it again, and again, and again..

Shoes, or fashion in general is something that is a portrait of yourself to share with the world. It is a day to day reflection of how you are feeling or how you want to feel and your personality. It is your character in fabric. Keep in mind for those of you who are looking to wear “epic shoes” that so called “epicness” in shoes does not necessarily mean sky scraper heels. There is such a thing as epic flats and epic sandals. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll notice that once in a while I try and reinforce this statement.

But as for wearing heels, wear the height that YOU are comfortable with and wear them with confidence. Don’t get caught up in 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch concerns. Wear the height that you are not going to break your ankles in. On another note if you are worried about turning heads at the start with the amazingness or boldness of your shoe choice, perhaps find something simple- a black or neutral stiletto and let the rest of your outfit be the focus. For those of you who have asked me about wearing heels as a daily thing, this might be a good way to start working in pumps with jeans and casual outfits. From there, you can take whichever direction you choose with your outfits. Stilettos and shorts are something that can be tricky to pull off but it is doable if you know how to create the right lines.

Whatever you choose to wear, be proud of that choice. I try and go by the rule that if I am wearing flats or sandals, I wear them like I’m dressed to the nines, if I’m wearing heels, I wear them like I could just shrug off the fact that they’re there (though if you were to ask me about the shoe I’d be SO excited to tell anybody who’d listen about them) Does this make sense, readers?

As for being physically comfortable in shoe choice, to start out at least, I wouldn’t pick anything too high until your body is used to the balance. My rule is that I have to be able to slide out of my shoes about an inch on my tip toes. This shows that you are able to sit far enough back on your heel and displace some of your weight a bit more evenly. Personally I swear by having some sort of platform on my shoes as a sort of an extra cushion. Plus they add height without added pressure on the ball of your foot. For a shorty like me, this is always a plus.

In the end it is ok to feel OK about any pair of shoe you choose to wear, no matter the occasion as long as they aren’t crocs, because that is a sin. Don’t forget that in the end what matters even more than the shoe itself is how you are feeling while wearing them.


7 thoughts on “If the Shoe Makes You Happy, Wear It

  1. What a great post. You have just made me feel sooo good with this post. I love this line “Don’t forget that in the end what matters even more than the shoe itself is how you are feeling while wearing them.” You are so sweet.

    • Hi Brian! I actually was thinking of you for parts of this post- you are such a shoespiration when it comes to wearing epic flats and an inspiration when we think about being true to who we really are. I am so thankful for you to follow my blog regularly. You are the one who is sweet!

      • OK we are both a couple of sweeties but you are brilliant with your shoe blog. We both love shoes but you take the time and effort to post info about them and all the latest trends. Shoespriration huh. I do love wearing flats. I like that term, shoespriation. OK you are sweet times two. 🙂

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