White Out!

As promised 8, very white, no frills (well maybe just a hint!) no gimmicks, alternative pumps to the top 10 wedding shoes from before. I’m going to try and make this quick, we can always discuss down below!


Badgley Mischka gives us super pretty, super fem bows for your toes.

Giuseppe Zanotti satin pump with crystal embellishment.

The very classic Pigaelle pump in white by Christian Louboutin. I think everyone should own a pair of these shoes anyway.

Gucci: I love how the inside and cushion of the shoe is also white- it makes everything so stark!

Miu Miu: I have this slightly disillusioned notion of what a “high heel” is. It’s like girls with really long hair who think their hair is short when they trim half an inch off. I wear shoes that are high for most people but am still certain I can jump off monkey bars in them. In my head for my own use only I have redefined high. These are just short of being flats for me, though they are not that at all. I have alot of friends, coworkers and family who prefer a lower heels (I however, prefer any heel). I think I need to make a more conscious effort to share some lower shoes on here too. Anyway, this pair is great, your heel is low enough to sit back in the shoe and not put too much weight on the balls of your feet. Thus, dancing time can be all the time.

Oooooh I saw these Stuart Weitzman pumps with my mom when we were out shopping in Calgary and I think we both ogled them. This was actually the original pair I had in mind when I mentioned to you that I’d share some shoes that are just white. Very classic.

EVERYtime I post some Yves Saint Laurent on here I just have to comment on the shape of the shoe. I simply LOVE the lines YSL creates in their footwear. It is a little silly. These shoes, are no exception. Lovely hidden platform as well.

Lets hear it one more time for Badgley Mischka (insert round of applause here)! Seriously, this is just what I call doing shoes right. So simple, elegant, a completely realistic and attainable shoe.


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