Top Ten Wedding Shoes: By Talktomyshoes

We are in the midst of wedding season. It seems that everyone is getting married, planning a wedding, attending a wedding, or just survived one. So, with my facebook and bloglovin’ feeds in mind, I went ahead and rounded up 10 pairs of shoes that might, you know, make your day a bit more special. Though some pairs were absolute no-brainers, I truly had a challenging time putting this together and often contemplated changing my number to 100. And if you’re looking for a plain white pump, well you won’t find that on this list, (my criteria was “not boring”) but I promise I’ll toss some up here later.

Perhaps the most famous shoe second to Dorthy’s red slippers, the shoes Carrie Bradshaw wore in the Sex and the City movie. Made by Manolo Blahnik, these shoes are a personal choice of mine, and, if you aren’t keen on having your “something blue” on your feet, they also come in black and a soft pink.

I opted for a Gucci pump covered in strass (as opposed to a Louboutin in strass) as I particularly liked the lines in this shoe. With a neutral tone under the Swarovski strass, these shoes are extremely versatile and is perhaps the closest we can get to having diamonds on the soles of our shoes.

If you’re feeling a little crazy or if you’re just looking for an excuse to buy them. From Jimmy Choo’s icons collection, the Marlene sandal is clearly the answer for when all else fails.

Another pair of Jimmy Choo’s because you know that I can’t resist. This particular pair is from the ’12 collection but I know that the design really isn’t going anywhere. Found in tons of metallic leathers, I chose this Choo for the champagne coloured, embossed leather. Super glamorous, super versatille.

Guess who these pumps belong to? Our good friend Kate Middleton. These are her custom made shoes for her big to-do so you can’t actually get this exact pair. Designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, features handmade lace. If you are looking for something similar, something lacy, and something McQueen, click here.

Something a bit more attainable is the pump with a rosette from Kate Spade. Fairly minimal in design, sometimes a pop of colour is all you need.

I went with these Christian Louboutins because they aren’t so wild as so many of his designs. Louboutins are statement shoes but lets remember that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to have a 2 inch platform and be covered in strass or googly eyes. I love the peachy pink colour of these shoes, the ruched satin and how it all goes with that red red sole.

Valentino makes the prettiest things ever. Though known for dress designs I feel that the name should be much more recognized for the beyond-totally-kickyouintheface-amazing shoes. Don’t you just LOVE these? Don’t you just need these pumps right NOW? I know that I do. These are perfectly adorned. This is what I lose sleep at night over.

I’m always a sucker for Dior. These are no exception. For me, it is that classic print in the heel that really wins me over. A little high if you aren’t used to rockin a platform like this but trust me when I say that it isn’t that bad and it is pretty comfortable. And yes, you would be very strapped in for dancing.

And finally, the Swan shoe. New from Manolo Blahnik these shoes were worn by some vampire from some book series that I wish to have nothing to do with. But please, don’t let that deter you, all it means is that the blood-sucker had a great stylist. That is all. Manolo has created another perfect shoe. Potentially the “new blue pump” that I first listed. Whether it gains fame in the same way, who knows. And who cares, the design is timeless in itself.


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