Lancel and Salvadore Dali: Secret Codes and Not-So-Secret Bags

Lets talk about fashion and art. You know, those two things that go hand in hand? Fashion is art and art is fashion, &c. &c. Well what about when artists team up with designers to create something extra special? I know that this idea is all over this blog and frankly I’m not going to stop. The results, often, are just way too good. So here is another one for ya: Salvador Dali (I look up at the wall in my living room as I type this and it is splattered with his prints) and Lancel.

In the 1970’s the two teamed up together to create this little bag  “Le Dali”. Pretty great right? Very Lancel very Dali. I particularly enjoy the hardware on this bag, I think the chain is really what makes this not just another monogrammed bag.  Oh, and as for the monogram itself, the bag is embossed with “the Secret Love Code” Fancy that, THE secret love code. How very bold! Too bad it isn’t much of a code and just translates to “I love J I love J I love J” all over the bag. Guess this one really is for me, isn’t it?

I’m also a fan of this version. Perhaps this secret code tells us “this is the clutch you will use tonight” or “black with gold detail is the answer to rounding out any outfit”. You decide.

Lancel has released a new line of very expensive bags in celebration of their collaboration with Salvador Dali that are available today. You should probably go check them out to see how much more aesthetically pleasing they are, though I think the black above is my very favourite.


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