A Cinderella Story: Or Another Louboutin Slipper

I tried to hold my excitement back long enough! The latest Louboutin, you know the one that Disney commissioned Christian Louboutin to create for the diamond edition of Cinderella??? Yeah, that shoe. The glass slipper… that isn’t made out of glass (as that would be aesthetically displeasing. Trust me).

Just released last Thursday during couture fashion week in Paris, the shoe itself is Christians reimagined creation of Cindy’s famous slipper.

I get the feeling that these pictures really don’t do the shoe justice. Using clean lines and a slight platform, Christian stays true to his own defined style. The body of the shoe is lace, embellished with Swarovski crystal (of course). Louboutin even created a few butterflies within the design to add that extra flutter to your step.

Only 20 copies of the shoe are to be made world wide and sent to lucky individuals who will probably cause me to lose sleep at night, later this year.

The final shoe.


2 thoughts on “A Cinderella Story: Or Another Louboutin Slipper

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