Kate Spade: Camel Tote

While browsing through the Nordstrom online store I came across this tote from Kate Spade. I can be honest and say my first thought truly was “Holy cuteness Batman!” (because you know, apparently I speak to Batman when I’m alone in my apartment) Seriously, now. I’ve always been a fan of purple and white-  it is just one of those colour combinations that really works for me. And, while I don’t continuously rock a tote, I do appreciate their practicality. Perhaps I should be using this one for work?

I’m sure that the camels have more of a significance somewhere to someone but I generally just like this because it is goofy. I love goofy prints- my zebra print shirt or that silly robot print dress at Zara (wishing I pounced on it now…) This is a print that is just meant to make everyone smile. You don’t question it, you don’t acknowledge the fact that you might be scared out of your pants if you saw one stroll down the street, you just are happy because there are flippin’ camels on a beautiful Kate Spade tote. And sometimes, that is all you need.


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