Floral Print to the “Nth” Degree

A few purse posts on their way but first, while stopping by Anna Dello Russo’s blog I was reminded of the ridiculousness of the flowery shoes by the house of Blumarine this summer. I suppose we could say that they are taking floral print to the next level, don’t you think? Very pretty, well done, slightly obnoxious, you’re typical statement shoe if you ask me. So what do you think, are they too over the top, or just right? I think if I had longer legs I could rock them a bit better…

Did you see, they also come in green! Of course you saw, wearing these would turn you into nothing short of a target for a sniper. But still, they are kind of fun…

Now perhaps the best part is, there are matching bags. Funnily enough, named the “Fancy Bag”. Well I couldn’t disagree. It IS fancy. I actually enjoy these, they are a little goofy, but just as much a beautiful purse as it is, and deserves all the recognition. A successful mixture of oversized flowers, tassels, leather and whatever else, these purses have been hot cakes this season.

What do you think? Too much or never enough?



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