Five Favourites (June Something- July 1/12)

Five Favourites as of lately….

My sweet new pair of Dani jeans by Citizens of Humanity. Generally I have the worst time finding jeans that fit me properly but I was lucky enough to recently find two pairs of denim that did the job right. Very soft and comfortable with  just the right amount of give. Also I love the rolled up cuffs, I was kinda pretending I was a t-bird from Grease when I was wearing them last….


Summer = new sandals, if you haven’t figured that out by now. I’m really enjoying my new Ilicia sandals by Vince Camuto. I only wish that this image did the shoe justice. They are SO sparkly, I’m going to have magpies and all sorts of crazy birds diving at my jewelled feet. Seriously, these are so sparkly and shiny and pretty they actually are a tad bit obnoxious. I love it. I don’t even have to scream “Look at my feet! look at my feet!” when I’m walking around, everyone just does anyway. Win.

My most recent summer read has been an incredibly special one. Letters to Braeside Farm is a collection of letters written by my Grandfather during his time in the Canadian North throughout the Second World War. It is the communication from a young engineer, working for Imperial Oil to his family outside Hanna, AB. Alex Hemstock was part of the Canol Project, a joint program between the United States and Canada to gain access to an oil source that would not be threatened by Japanese invasion. Through his letters we learn about life in the Great White North, how it could grow on any guy, and about a man that is dearly and truly missed.


Yesterday was Canada Day!!!!!! This is how we look when we are so pleased to not have to wait in line or pay cover at the bar…. and then wait an hour and a half for our food! But seriously, Canada Day is great, everyone dresses up in matching clothes, we party with everyone in matching clothes… and then we watch sulphur explode after sunset. These things alone are enough to make any Canadian proud. Look how proud we were.

Oh! We were also celebrating free agents day in the NHL.


I think this sums about everything else up.


4 thoughts on “Five Favourites (June Something- July 1/12)

  1. Happy belated Canada day. We really do live in a great country. We might complain but we have it so good. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Hi Jenny
    I was just sending a link to Dad’s book to a colleague and saw your blog. How fabulous to know we have another writer in the family!! It was so much fun to work on the books with Bill and Sue and the others. Chris told me he wanted an acknowledgement because he let me use his printer to print some of the drafts – so I obliged.

    I love your blog and am glad to hear that teaching suits you so well. The kids must have a blast spending time with you. I am busy thinking about another little project with more letters from Mom and Dad – so stay tuned. We are enjoying the last days of summer and then hope to head down to Arizona where we just purchased a house in Tucson. Maybe we will get to see you down there sometime.

    Hope all is well – Mom keeps me in touch with your life so I know Eric is still the heartthrob. Glad to hear it. My heartthrob Roy sends his regards,

    Miss you,

    • Best surprise message ever!!! Thanks so much for stopping by- it really is getting wild where you’ll find this blog on the internet. Apparently a few weeks ago I was quite popular in Russia- so random but I’m cool with it.
      Anyway, I loved reading Grandpas letters. I was telling Grandma last week when I was out west that I sat down with the book to read a letter or two and a few hours later closed the book. I read the collection cover to cover. Thankyou so much for putting it together, I know how long the process can be. I’d love to see more of his letters, you really get to know and learn about him in a new way.
      Heard about your new place in AZ, this is very exciting!! Plans for the holidays? I’m planning on being in Fountain Hills- whether my parents are there or not is beside the point, though I invited them.
      Anyway, keep in touch, give Roy a hug from me and send my love to the coast!



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