All Pumped Up

While it isn’t the newest addition to my footwear family (though a mere 5 days old I should mention) this piece of art certainly defines a pivotal moment in my shoe closets history. Last Friday afternoon, after very little shoe shopping luck my mother and I strolled into the glorious arms of Stuart Weitzman where we were saved by that beautiful, warm, 4 letter word: “sale”. This being said,we must remember that this word means very little in this store, the same way a sale at Prada will still cost your soul. Whatever though, as an avid shopper i have learned the importance of taking part in all events.
I am so lucky and absolutely thrilled to say that I am now not only the proud owner of my very first pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes, but a pair of cork Rowswoon pumps! Back in the day… err a year and a half ago, i posted my first pair of SW pumps and raved about his masterful use of quirky materials. I am ecstatic to have joined the club! Check it out:


A few more pairs to come and a few days left in Cowtown. I had meant to do a Five Favourites this weekend past but frankly, everything out here has been my favourite. Except the weather… guess I’ll have to wait until I’m back east to style these. How would you wear them?


2 thoughts on “All Pumped Up

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