LV: A Mystery Solved

I am so tired. And I’ll tell you you why: I arrived in Calgary late last night and was too excited to sleep. I started my holiday in style, the Louis Vuitton mystery has been solved with a very unexpected twist- between a Rossmore clutch and some oversized Flore sunnies my mind was absolutely blown. I am smitten.

These oversized Flore glasses are from LV’s spring/summer ’12 collection and are “inspired by flowers”. Hooray! I adore how the laser cut lens makes its own frame and is highlighted in fuchsia. From the monogram flowers on the arms to the goofy cateye cut, I have definitely found my pair of sunnies for the summer. Amazing timing as I was looking for new sunglasses last week and just couldn’t find the perfect pair.

Now if only this image did the clutch justice… You really have to ogle in person but it is the best I can do for now. The Rossmore MM clutch in pomme d’amour is so rich in colour. The monogram vernis leather is luxurious, soft and feminine. I think this is my new go to clutch for the rest of my life. Seriously. The shape and colour, the detachable strap make this an easy day to night piece  that will just make everyone jealous. I know it is silly, but I feel like that this is one of the greatest accessories to ever happen to me.

How over the top and crazy excited am I about my recent loot? And I am sorry, readers, for being so “me me me” but really, I have been driven to extremes in happiness. Driven to take a very unnecessary, and silly picture of a jet lagged blogger posing for a crap webcam pic at 2 am because I just HAD to show E. I am sure I will be regretting sharing this pic as soon as I post it.

Anyway, my holiday has started and has been kicked off in style. Get ready for plenty of shopping, shoes and all sorts of posts! And I promise, this is the last bit of LV I will have on here for a while… I know I have been out of control.

Hope everyone is having a good summer so far!!! Thanks again for stopping by!



2 thoughts on “LV: A Mystery Solved

    • Hello!!!

      Wow!! I was actually planning on sending you an email! A huge thankyou for your beautiful suggestions! I am loving both clutch and sunglasses, they have been having some use already! And another huge thanks to YOU for stopping by my blog, it truly is appreciated!

      Take care!

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