Update: Billie Achilleos and the Louis Vuitton Critters

We are in the midst of alot of Louis Vuitton posts on this blog so please, bear with me. I have a few more things to share with you. Like more of these critters designed by Billie Achilleos, maker of things! Billie was commissioned by Louis Vuitton to use their products to design some fun animals. My original article is here, with the first set of critters, posted nearly a year ago to the day. You should check it out too, there is a sweet vid of the making of the critters.


Anyway, now onto more critter friends! Sit tight because I have a crapload of them here.

Well friends, I don’t even think that that is ALL of the additions to the LV little critters but I do believe it is most, if not a good chunk of them. You can look further for a moose and a deer, I know that I am missing those two in this collection.

Which one is for you? I’m crazy about the terrier and the owl. Love love love!


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