Fashion Icons Collide: Hello Kitty and Nike

It’s actually more often than not that someone asks me why I love Hello Kitty so much. She’s a daring fashion icon- dressing as a strawberry, frog or a Parisian on holiday, is a world traveller and often can be seen flying the plane or hot air balloon herself, and, really is more of a success story than Oprah a thousand times over. Hello Kitty is a do-er. She has been to space, can drive a tank, dressed up as a lemon, had her own t.v. show, is the face on calendars, school supplies, frisbees, &c. and even my USB key.

All this said it should be absolutely no surprise that I am crazy for these shoes. OK yes they are sneakers and we can count the times on our fingers sensible shoes have appeared on this blog, but the more I ogle these, the more I love them perhaps even more than the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers…

Presenting to you some of my favourite Nike + Hello Kitty kicks!

I would SO actually wear the last 2 pairs- does anyone know where I can score some?


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