Five Favourites (June 10-16/12)

Summer is here, the school year is over, so this means that it is FINALLY time to blog! Get stoked! I’m hoping to break the record on shoes this summer. As for now, a few favourites to kick things off with!

It’s been in the 30’s and high 20’s up here and without air conditioning, I have been finding some creative ways to cool off… dipping my toes in the river, patio hopping, dress shopping and a new favourite drink for summer: one Iced Tazo Chai Latte. Pretty refreshing and it tastes kinda like Christmas… without bundling up.





E and I have been on an Ocean’s kick. We honestly just finished watching Ocean’s Twelve about 20 minutes ago. No jokes. I found all 4 Ocean’s movies at Best Buy a few weeks ago for 9$. Pretty good deal, right? I forgot how much I enjoy them.





My new favourite tshirt. I landed myself a J’adore Dior shirt a few weeks ago and have been prancing around in it almost nonstop. You know its bad when you show up to your final concert of the year in that and a silk circle skirt. But if Carrie can take the chance, I suppose I can too, right? Anyway, J’adore Dior and J’adore the tshirt… which is saying something as I don’t usually rock a straight up tee unless its bedtime or gymclass.

My current summer read. How can you not love it? And how can you not be completely and totally excited about the film coming out at the end of the year?






My brother probably has a cooler job than I do. Check out his latest footage and project in the video above. I think this is one of my favourite videos he’s done in some time. For more information check out his website.


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