Five Favourites (May 20-26/12)

I skipped out on doing my Five Favourites over the past few weeks as I allowed myself to be completely lured into the smouldering summertime weather. Had I posted I’m sure I would have had to list “sunburns” as one of the items and that would be quite an unattractive picture. However, this weekend, I’ve pulled my act together. Lets do this:

I picked up this pair of sandals 2 summers ago at my beloved Arnold Churgins in Calgary. I was never able to find a picture or the exact name of them (you don’t tae the box home at Churgins) until now. With some Google luck a day or two ago I was able to pin down the leather Jux sandal from BCBG Generation. They are such a great mix of an easy slip on sandal and sparkly pretty prettiness. Years later I still get compliments on them all the time. Perhaps I should hunt down a pair in brown with turquoise stones?

My current read right now. I saw this in Chapters last weekend and certainly judged it by its cover. Then I noticed the authors name Rosecrans Baldwin. Surely anyone named Rosecrans can write a good book, right? I’m sure they’d have to as they probably were teased alot on the playground with that name. Regardless, it’s a good read so far.



Its a little too early for full on Stampede breakfasts but chocolate chip pancakes…. flapjacks… are certainly an all times food. This was dinner for me Friday night.




My new favourite sunscreen. Clinique is a brand that I trust completely, I’ve never had a bad experience with it. With this hot weather we’ve been having sunscreen isn’t even a question. Very light on the skin, non oily and most importantly, does its job well. Just another Clinique product that lives up to its name really. Oh and, the travel size is awesome to carry in your purse.



If you know me, you probably know that I am Hello Kitty crazy. I am like my 6 year old girl students in that way. I’m not ashamed to wear my sparkly Hello Kitty stud earrings, and I have a collection of pink Hello Kitty pencils and notepads in my desk at work. I’m also willing to rock these nail stickers on my fingers and toes. That is what I am currently doing. French manicured nails with HK, butterflies and flowers on my ring fingers. And big toes. You should see them, really, everyone is jealous.

Thats all for Five Favourites this week. Enjoy what is left of your weekend, readers! xoxo


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