The Hunt is On: Mouse Slippers at Marc by Marc Jacobs

One quite (unsurprising??) thing, that very few people know about me, is how quickly I go through slippers. Be it -30 or +30 celsius it can be guaranteed that if I am at home, I am rocking some sort of crazy pair of slippers. After being exposed to mild frostbite year after year growing up, like any true Canadian, my toes are nearly always cold. This doesn’t help the fact that I am one of those girls who is usually cold anyway, but does cater quite well to my footwear addiction.  Spongebob and Spiderman, Winnie the Pooh, Pikachu, Moo Cows, Lobsters, sheepskin lined BearPaws and Moo Cows round 2 (which I’m currently rocking) I move through slippers at an abnormal pace. E in particular has been more than encouraging in the footwear department and cozy footwear seems to be a specialty.

Anyway, branching from my silly obsession with the mouse flats by Marc by Marc Jacobs I am finding more ways to get carried away. So lets take my mouse shoes to the next level! I know they come in different colours but I think I am definitely digging this red velvet. The mouse itself looks so cute and cosy, snoozing away as it will hopefully one day snuggle my feet. I really like that the colour combination of red and gold seems more regal than Christmassy (tough enough to pull off, don’t you think?) I totally picture myself wearing these while sitting in a big arm chair, Casey in my lap, drinking tea or umm…. wearing a monocle and using a bubble pipe? Whatever it may be, I am now on the hunt for some, and if the above isn’t reason enough, well might I say that my grey slingback pair need some more friends?


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