All That Glitters Is… The Perfect Jimmy Choo Oxford

Now readers, think back, way way back to the earlier posts in this blog. I once upon a time asked you for the perfect oxford shoe. I came up with some pretty cute ones from Mulberry, ogling over the perfect balance of the English country side and “it” girl with tired feet (that truly is what Oxfords remind me of!!) Some of you gave me other great suggestions. I never ended up grabbing a pair, perhaps it was because I was subconsciously holding out for these, all along (though they were yet to be made).

I have this thing where when I post a pair of Choos, I seem to say “right when I think I’ve found the coolest pair of Choos possible, another pair walks right along” and I have to say it again. This oxford shoe, this sensible piece of footwear is making me giddy. I want to dance around with glittery, twinkly feet. I want to run through the streets and say “check out my shoes! And they aren’t even flats!” These shoes are meant for being free and wearing the perfect 7/8 pant with them.

Even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would dig these shoes.

ps- Jimmy Choo and Oxford in the same sentence feels extremely unnatural to type.


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